Wedding Gown Preservation

Gowns are cleaned, blown out, and placed in an air tight--acid free--gold foiled treasure box.  Each layer is carefully tissued and folded to fit the box as best as possible.  There is even a viewing window just under the lid.  Any other desired keepsakes (that will fit) can also be sealed inside the box with your gown.   A signed waiver, and up front payment is required before processing.

***No discounts will be applied on wedding items***



Our alteration specialist has over 40 years of experience in this field.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Inseam/outseam hem work
  • Waist alters (out/in)
  • Tapers on tops and bottoms
  • Small, Medium or Large patch repair work

***No discounts will be applied on altered items***


Professional Dry Cleaning

Dress clothing and delicates are cleaned in a special environmentally friendly solvent.  Clothing goes in dry and comes out dry as well.  No water is used in this process at all.  After cleaned, items are hand finished with care. 


Household Items

Comforters, blankets, sheets, tablecloths, banners, sleeping bags, cushion covers, and flat panels as well as traditional draperies are all cleaned and finished - on site - as per care label instructions.  A signed waiver is required before processing.

***No discounts will be applied on household items***


Leather & Suede

This is one of very few items that we do not clean on site.  We take leather items in at the counter, but we must send them off to a professional leather care company.  The entire process normally takes between 2-4 weeks.  A signed waiver is required before processing.

***No discounts will be applied on items sent to leather cleaner***


  • Same Day Service for most items.
  • Convenient Two Lane Drive-thru.
  • Fast and Friendly Service!
"As long time customers of Northside Cleaners we have always received outstanding service.It is a very customer friendly business. You are greeted with a smile and called by name. Even the dog is excited to go to Northside where she is always given treat." Paul and Linda Anderson